1. What is GPTV?

  1. GPTV is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Service that offers over 250 Greek and International Channels. We also have over 3000 TV Series and Movies available free On-Demand.

2. Why choose GPTV over other IPTV services?

  1. GPTV offers the most live channels, the most movies and shows on demand, and the most features.

3. What is the GPTV Startup Package

  1. When you subscribe and purchase the startup package you will receive the GPTV subscription, the GPTV Box, a remote control, a power cord, an RCA cable, and an HDMI Cable. When purchasing one box, 3 months of service will be added to your startup package. When purchasing multiple boxes, the startup package will include your first month of service.

4. Do I need anything else that is not included in the startup package?

  1. No other purchase is necessary. You can also purchase a USB Wifi Adapter to connect wirelessly, however we recommend the wired connection for best quality.

5. What are the internet requirements for the GPTV service?

  1. A connection of 15 mbps or higher is recommended for the best quality, uninterrupted viewing. You can check your internet speed with your Internet Service Provider or online at http://www.speedtest.net

6. How much does GPTV cost?

  1. The GPTV service is $54.99/month. The first 1000 users will get $5.00 off their monthly subscription for life ($49.99/month).

7. Is there an additional cost for the GPTV Box?

  1. We do not charge you for your first GPTV Box. It is free when you purchase the GPTV Startup Package. Additional GPTV boxes added to your subscription will be charged $75/box. A charge of $15/box will also be added to your subscription.

8. Can I purchase more than one box?

  1. Up to two additional boxes may be purchased when subscribing. These cost $75/box one-time fee and there is an additional $15/box/month added to your subscription fee.

9. How often will I be charged?

  1. When purchasing one box, you will be charged for your first three months of service. Starting on your fourth month you will be charged automatically every month from the card you signed up with. When purchasing multiple boxes, you will pay for your startup package and one month of service up front and then automatically every month after that using the card you signed up with.

10. Do you store my information?

  1. Your information is stored using a secure third party service. No information is stored on our servers.

11. Can I use a different payment method?

  1. Contact our customer service team.

12. How hard is GPTV to install?

  1. Installation is very easy. First plug in the Ethernet cord to your router or to an active Ethernet port. Second, connect your GPTV Box to your TV using a video cable (either RCA cable or HDMI). And third, connect your GPTV Box to an outlet using the included power adapter.

13. Can GPTV connect over wifi?

  1. GPTV can connect over wifi, however we strongly recommend using a wired Ethernet connection for the best quality and for uninterrupted viewing. To connect to wifi, you must purchase the USB Wifi Adapter (can be added to startup package).

14. How do I setup the Wifi connection?

  1. Plug in wifi adapter and HDMI First
  2. Then plug in power cord
  3. Wait for system to load
  4. System will bring you error page
  5. Select Menu>Network>Wireless Network
  6. Select Auto (DCHP)
  7. Select your wireless network and enter password and settings to match your router.
  8. Once connected return to initial menu and select Try Again

15. What resolution can be broadcast from the GPTV Box?

  1. GPTV supports many image resolutions. Out of the box, GPTV is preset to NTSC which is viewable on all televisions. For best quality viewing, check which resolution your TV broadcasts and set GPTV to output to the same in Settings>Picture>… ***WARNING*** Do not set the picture quality higher than what your TV can display. This will cause the box to not display to your TV. If this happens contact customer support.

16. What is Power Cycling and how do I do it?

  1. Power cycling is an important function that often is the solution to most problems with the GPTV Box (including freezes, crashes, and network errors). To power cycle your GPTV Box disconnect the power adapter, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect it.

17. My image is freezing on my GPTV Box

  1. If your image is freezing, you might have an issue with your internet connection. Check your internet’s speed by calling and asking your internet service provider or checking online at speedtest.net . For best quality, your internet speed should be 15mbps or higher. You can also use GPTV’s built in Speed Test located in Settings>Network Status>Speed Test, however this does not display your internet’s speed but rather the speed your GPTV box is downloading content. Anything under 3 mbps may result in freezing and poor quality.

18. If image is still freezing –

  1. We recommend trying the following:
    1. Remove any other devices that might be accessing your router
    2. Rebooting your router and modem
    3. Rebooting your GPTV Box

19. My image is freezing on my mobile app.

  1. Follow the above process to check your internet speed. Connection to a wifi network is recommended as 4G and LTE connections may cause lagging. Also try exiting the app and logging back in.

20. Menu is not loading on GPTV Box.

  1. Make sure your GPTV Box is connected to the internet by either a wired Ethernet connection or a wireless connection using a USB Wifi Adapter. If you are connecting wirelessly, try connecting with a wired connection. If that works, you may need to set up your wireless connection again.